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7th Joint Symposium on Neural Computation

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

May 20, 2000


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8:00 am Registration and Breakfast
8:45 Opening Remarks - Mel
Session I. Cells and Synapses - Bower
9:00 Olivier Coenen, San Diego Children's Hospital Research Center
A Hypothesis for Parallel Fiber Coding in a Cerebellar Model of Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement
9:15 Roland Suri, The Salk Institute
Modeling Functions of Striatal Dopamine Modulation in Learning and Planning
9:30 Ralf Wessel, UC San Diego
Biophysics of Visual Motion Analysis in Avian Tectum
9:45 Panayiota Poirazi, USC
Sublinear vs. Superlinear Synaptic Integration? Tales of a Duplicitous Active Current
Session II. Sensory-Motor Learning - Schaal
10:00 Auke Ijspeert, USC
Locomotion and Visually-Guided Behavior in Salamander: An Artificial Evolution and Neuromechanical Study
10:15 Thomas DeMarse, Caltech
The Animat Project: Interfacing Neuronal Cultures to a Computer Generated Virtual World
10:30 Richard Belew, UC San Diego
Evolving Behavior in Developing Robot Bodies Controlled by Quasi-Hebbian Neural Networks
10:45 Aude Billard, USC
A Biologically inspired Connectionist Model for Learning Motor Skills by Imitation
11:00 Coffee Break
Gerald E. Loeb, USC
Dialogs with the Nervous System
12:00 Lunch and Posters
Session IV. Vision - Hoffmann
2:00 Martina Wicklein, The Salk Institute
Perception of Looming in the Humminbird Hawkmoth Manduca Sexta (Sphingidae, Lepidoptera)
2:15 Gary Holt, USC
Unsupervised Learning of the Non-Classical Surround
2:30 Eric Ortega, USC
Smart Center-Surround Receptive Fields: What Bayes May Say About the Neural Substrate for Color Constancy
2:45 Junmei Zhu, USC
Fast Dynamic Link Matching by Communicating Synapeses
3:00 David Eagleman, The Salk Insitute
The Timing of Perception: How Far in the Past do we Live, and Why?
3:15 Coffee Break
Session III. Concepts and Memory - Mel
3:30 Jonathan Nelson, UC San Diego
Concept Induction in the Presence of Uncertainty
3:45 Peter Latham, UCLA
Attractor Networks in Systems with Underlying Random Connectivity
Session V. Faces - Sejnowski
4:00 Tim Marks, UC San Diego
Face Processing in Williams Syndrome: Using ICA to Discriminate Functionally Distinct Independent Components of ERPs in Face Recognition
4:15 Ian Fasel, UC San Diego
Automatic Detection of Facial Landmarks: An Exhaustive Comparision of Methods
4:30 Boris Shpungin, UC San Diego
A System for Robustly Tracking Faces in Real-Time
4:45 Closing Remarks - Sejnowski
Adjourn for Dinner

Ildiko Aradi, UC Irvine
Network Stability and Interneuronal Diversity
Javier Bautista, USC
Creating a World Representation of the Environment from Visual Images
Maxim Bazhenov, The Salk Institute
Slow Wave Sleep Oscillations and Transition to an Awake State in a Thalamocortical Network Model
Hamid Beigy, Amirkabir Univ. of Technology
Adaptation of Parameters of BP Algorithm Using Learning Automata
Axel Blau, Caltech
High-Speed Imaging of Neuronal Network Activity
Mihail Bota, USC
The NeuroHomology Database
Spiros Courellis, USC
Modeling Event-Driven Dynamics in Biological Neural Networks
Jeff McKinstry, Point Loma Nazarene University
A Model of Primary Visual Cortex Applied to Edge Detection
Erhan Oztop, USC
Mirror Neuron System in Monkey: A Computational Modeling Approach
Holger Quast, UC San Diego
Absolute Perceived Loudness of Speech
Alexei Samsonovich, University of Arizona
A Theory-of-Mind Connectionist Model of Episodic Memory Consolidation
Stefan Schaal, USC
Functional Brain Activation in Rhythmic and Discrete Movement


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